From sending an email to load testing databaseJMeter allows us to create some really sophisticated load testing scenarios. It provides range of different elements to accomplish our performance testing goals. Counter is one such JMeter element which can prove immensely useful for testers. In this article, we will see how we can use JMeter Counter in our performance test script.

For easier understanding here, we will take an example of test data generation using JMeter. In that, we will register multiple users by incrementing a username Eg.

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This is a very simple example of test data creation which testers often have to carry out. And it can be automated using JMeter Counter. HTTP Request. JMeter Counter Options. While this example of JMeter Counter shows test data creation, it can come in handy for other testing activities also. We encourage you to try it out in your project and share your feedback in comments.

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Great and really helpful article! Adding to the conversation, providing more information, or expressing a new point of view…Nice information and updates. Really i like it and everyday am visiting your site. Wonderful bloggers like yourself who would positively reply encouraged me to be more open and engaging in commenting.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Comment 0. When it comes to building an advanced JMeter load test scenario that assumes complex logic, depending on certain conditions it is sometimes required to change the Samplers execution order.

Usually JMeter runs all the Samplers upside down, but there could be some scenarios when the default behaviour is not suitable. The same applies to the Variables and Properties.

For example, in JavaScript just surround both the variable and the expected value with quotation marks and they will be interpreted as strings. In these scenarios, the While Controller is the most obvious choice to turn to to. To implement, you just need to:. As you can see, the while loop stopped after 5 attempts instead of running forever. In most cases, it is utilized for recycling or stopping the JMeter Thread when the end of the file is reached.

Now we will see how to read all the values from the CSV file and continue the test afterwards. Almost done. It is there as the CSV data is being read in the loop before the While Controller condition is evaluated, so that the While Controller is always one step behind. You can get rid of it using the If Controller by the following steps:. This is it on the While Controller, if anything remains unclear or your scenario is not covered, feel free to use comments form below.

See the original article here. Performance Zone. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends:. DZone 's Guide to. Dmitri Tikhanski shows how to use the While Controller in Apache JMeter, a tool that implements the 'while loop' for repeated if-then statements. Free Resource. Like 3. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

Join For Free. LAST - the same as blankbut with an additional check for the last Sampler before the loop result. Save the partial or the whole response into a JMeter Variable. It can be done using the Regular Expression Extractor.A while loop is a control flow statement that allows code to be executed repeatedly based on a given Boolean condition. The JMeter While Controller basically runs children Samplers and the controller continues to run until the condition becomes false in the condition field.

While with Counter: A while loop can be seen as a for loop when used in conjunction with a counter. You can download a sample JMX file from here.

This example illustrates how to use the Beanshell sampler JSR post processor combined with a While Controller to loop for a given number of iterations.

The Thread group contains:. Since the loop count isthe http request executed times. Here are detailed test results. Execute until: Suppose you would like to perform a while loop using JMeter and you would like to quit the loop if the response assertion has been successful. You can download sample test plan from here and run the test as was done above.

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Previous Post: What is Load Testing? Next Post: Virtual Users Calculator.Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Anton Andreev Hello everybody, I'm trying to set up a counter to be used with while controller and i'm having dificulty my while loop does not stop. My while loop does not stop.

How to Use JMeter While Controller

Please tell me what i'm doing wrong or if i have to use something else to accomplish what i'm trying to do. Re: using counter with while controller. Hello, I'm also facing problems with while controller, especially with its loop counter and an embedded foreach controller.

I would like to go through a list of paginated result like google's search resultand use a regex to parse every page. So I first parsed the list page and found the greatest page number say 2. Could you please tell me why my debug sampler interferes with other samplers and the iteration counter?

Another interference, with foreach controller that followed the http sampler: I attached a foreach controller, behind the counter incrementing beanshell postprocessor. The goal is to iterate on "tr" elements of each page, and send one http request according to each "tr" elements' content. Then I lost again the second page. So could anyone explain such intereference between controllers even though they did not seem to share any variable?

Then the extractor put them into an variable that would represent an array and would be used by an embedded foreach controller inside the while controller. In reply to this post by rosiere. Hi whats your test look like? Its possible that you put the post processor in the wrong place? Hello, I didn't use counter.

I will try Counter instead of my own variable incremented by beanshell and see if it works better. Deepak Shetty wrote. The answer is because your post processor is attached as the child of the while controller, which means it would apply to every sampler which is a child of the while controller in your case Child 1 and the debug sampler under the while and it will also apply to the children of the for-each controller Look at the scope rules in JMeter documents.

If you want your post processor to execute only onceyou should create a Test Action controller as the last sample in the While Controller and create the post processor as the child of the Test Action. It is probably easier to just use the Counter You are getting incorrect values because your counter variable i is being incremented too many times. In reply to this post by rosiere Hi whats your test look like?

Deepak Shetty wrote Hi whats your test look like? If you end the script with "return null;" then no sample will be created.It allows to define a behavior which occurs on a certain condition. Designing realistic behaving users involves designing users whose behavior depends on the server responses, and act accordingly. When the while controller children execution is over, it returns to the beginning of the while and evaluates the condition again.

If the condition is met, the children are all executed again.

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An Exit condition is mandatory : something inside the while controller must switch the condition to false at some point, otherwise the while controller will run forever.

The solution is to wrap your statement into a javaScript function as:.

How to Count Retries as a Single Request in JMeter

The purpose of the While Controller is to repeat a given set of actions until the condition is broken. While is a basic programming concept to run actions where the number of iterations to run is unknown or varying. For example, you simulate a user who buys all the goods within a random product category.

While controller Jmeter

The number of goods to buy varies depending on the category. JMeter has many built-in functions that can be used to evaluate a while condition. Many of these functions can be reused in While conditions. Most JMeter variables are stored in String format, so make sure to use the javaScript function or similar to compare the variable value to the string value.

jmeter while controller with counter

Make sure both parts of the condition are of the same type or you will get into trouble. For example, in JavaScript, surround both the variable and the expected value with double quotes to interpret them as strings.

A while can be seen as a for loop when used in conjunction with a counter. The sample JMX can be downloaded here. This example illustrates how to use JSR scripts combined with a While Controller to loop for a given number of iterations. The Thread group contains:. As a result, the GET request is executed 5 times, as expected. More advanced while controller uses cases can be found on documentation about JSR samples. So we have stored this value of items to be purchased in a Variable and then used the same in While Loop, so that until amount not reached to X, keep of adding products using the samplers which are inside the While loop controller.

jmeter while controller with counter

In case you need to check a variable value against a regular expression, you can take a look at JMeter while Loop Regexp to learn more. In Javascript, a string can be matched against a regular expression like in the following example condition:. The example above makes use of a local variable to stop the while from executing when a given condition is met. This kind of logic can be used in almost all the cases. If you get org.

jmeter while controller with counter

EvaluatorException when executing the while controller, double-check the condition syntax and look for any missing double quotes, parenthesis and curly braces. To avoid any miscomprehension about how to javascript conditions are working, see JavaScript Operators. We recommend you to use javascript conditional evaluation and avoid beanshell. Find out the purpose of JMeter response assertions. From configuration to best practices, learn how to make the most out of them.

From virtual user validation to parameterization. Get Started. OctoPerf is Thread Group. While controller. HTTP request. Response Assertion Listener. Thank you Your comment has been submitted and will be published once it has been approved.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. This is what I'd like to do in JMeter, retrieve the data in xml from the server, and continue retrieving until reaching at a certain number. I tested this, using a BeanShell PostProcessor is a good choice. For my testing, I used random. My jmeter setup is like below:. You can find a sample jmeter test file for the above test done with Jmeter 2.

Learn more. Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 3k times. HpptRequest 2. What element should I use for this? RaGe What I really wanted to know was. It's late here so I can't give a detailed answer, hopefully you'll get the needed answer, else i'll pick it up in the morning.

I think shell sampler isn't necessary, this can be accomplished using a custom User defined variable, totalNumOfNodes which you would increment after extracting the count from HttpResponse.

I have added an answer, hope it helps. Active Oldest Votes. My jmeter setup is like below: You can find a sample jmeter test file for the above test done with Jmeter 2. Thanks a lot!!! It works fine I'm a newbie for jmeter You're welcome.

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Please accept the answer if it has helped you. Some of the verbosity in my script is just for debugging purposes and error handling, you can eliminate most of it if you trust your data.Good News! The If Controller works great when you need to execute some elements of the Thread Group based on a given state.

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Let me give you meaningful examples:. Depending on a given conditionthen a given action is taken. The If Controller allows the user to control whether the test elements below it its children are run or not.

By default, the condition is evaluated only once on initial entry, but you have the option to have it evaluated for every runnable element contained in the controller. In programming, If Statement is a Conditional statement. It basically means: if something is true, then do this. The true power of the if controller resides in its capability to unleash complex conditions to control the Thread Group execution flow.

Just focus on the condition for now. We have seen some very simple examples. See our documentation For further examples and common mistakes using If.

JMeter - 2 minute tutorial

In some case, you want to check multiple variables at the same time. In this case, you may take a look at the following examples:. Also, parenthesis and help to control the priority between the operators. JMeter Functions plugin. I did! If Controller Performance Penalty. If Controller will internally use javascript to evaluate the condition. Sadly, this can have a huge impact on performances. Javascript interpretation is known to be very slow in JMeter.

Sadly, there is no Else block in JMeter, you have only If. You need to use two IF Controllers with opposite conditions. Here is an example:. But, there is no other solution out there. In the case the condition is pretty complex, I would suggest to evaluate it in a JSR script before the 2 ifs, and put the result in a variable vars.

jmeter while controller with counter

JMeter variables are never null. Suppose your variable is named depdate :. Checking if a variable is defined. When you are completely stuck and nothing above helps, the last resort solution is to debug the if controller condition evaluation.